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"YCH" is the abbreviation of Yi Chang Hsiang Industrial Co., Ltd. Since founded from 1994, YCH earned its positive credit and reputation because of the good quality products from both of domestic and overseas market channels. Therefore, YCH is assigned to be the qualified partner by well-known brand manufacturers around the world, such as: Panasonic, Garmin, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Philips, Isuzu, Dell, NEC, JVC ...; under the karma occasion, YCH got the opportunity to learn the latest technology to improve and create the related products. In order to accumulate experience and heritage, YCH established the research/ development department. With the R & D skills and self-innovation ability, the original production technology and process have been improved, and thus speed up the shipping procedure, to meet customer marketing overall arrangement.

“YCH” also represents the "Young", "Creative", and "Honest" -- a symbol of holding a young blood-like momentum, exerting innovative technology, manufacturing high quality, reliable production of MIT to achieve the goal of highest customer satisfaction.

In the business philosophy of "sustainable development, and create a profit-sharing", Mr. Amos Hsueh, the General Manager convinces the spirit and vision of YCH:

a. strive to meet customer demand for products with the highest satisfaction;

b. bring benefit to all the staff and share the profit to all employees together;

c. create the impression of “MIT means good merchandises”;

d. require all employees to uphold the attitude of integrity, and try hard to enhance competitiveness;

e. all the products should be are tested in line with environmental norms;

f. value to property rights and patent applications.

We believe the products through YCH factory is the best choice by people definitely.


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